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The wooden products used in Lu & Milk toys - more specifically wooden beads, wooden teething rings, and wooden clips - can be coated in an oil of choice to give the toy a safe and beautiful finish. The teether toys and soother clips come with natural raw wood and do not have to be coated, but definitely can be. If you like the shiny finished look on the toys, here is how:


You will need:

            Oil of choice (coconut oil works great)

            Sheet of paper towel

            Pastry brush (optional)

            Soft cotton cloth





Use pastry brush (or use fingers) to coat the wooden product in oil generously



Place oil-covered wooden product on a paper towel and leave for 15 minutes to allow the oil to soak into the wood



Use the soft cotton cloth to buff out excess oil 





And that's it, now you have a freshly finished wooden toy

If and when wooden product begins to lose the shine, simply reapply

Note: It will change the color of the wood, (see bottom photo)







    • Liana Mikah on

      I love this tutorial! Perfect to send off to my coworker who I gifted this too. :) The teether is amazing btw!

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